*Monitoring [#f097f60a]

Eucalyptus 1.6 provides some facilities to help in monitoring the status of running components, of running VMs and statistics on storage uses.

We provide two example script to integrate with nagios and ganglia. Nagios will be able to monitor the status of the machine running Eucalyptus components as well as the components itself, while ganglia can provide more information on the resource usage.

The examples we provides, requires a running installation of nagios and ganglia. For example on debian/ubuntu, one can start followign nagios installation until the monitoring page is accessible from the web browser. After that, one can run the example script (followig the instruction in README.Monitoring) to add the rules to monitor Eucalyptus, and restarting nagios will provide basic monitoring facilities.

Similarly for ganglia, one has to have a running ganglia installation, after which the appropriate script (provided in the directory extras) will injects some extra informations which will eventually be visible. It can take sometime to have the information to show up on ganglia's graphs.

The scripts can be used as a template for other monitoring infrastructures.

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